Tuesday, March 24, 2009

PSN version of Warhawk no longer locked to purchased account

Just logged in today with one of my alt accounts and it is no longer locked to the account that originally purchased it. This ticked me off so much when I originally bought it from the PlayStation Store that I never bought a PSN version of any game due to not wanting to get burnt again by Sony.
Why would I buy a game if my whole family can't play it on there own accounts? I'm sure the original account must be present on the console your playing on but I can't confirm this because my wife is playing on her account at the moment. lol
Well thumbs up to Sony for finally getting rid of this stupid restriction.


Update Summer House Save Glitch

I can confirm the save works even on accounts and PS3's that do not have the Summer House installed. I removed all Save data Game data and Home data. After I reinstalled home, copied the exploit save over and booted up Home it asked me to download the Summerhouse and install it. Viola!
Note you can't teleport to it via PDA but can enter it via Central Plaza (Home Square) etc.


Playstation Home Summer House save glitch.

I have discovered that when I copied my main PSN account Home Settings save over to my other master accounts and I had the default Home space set to the Summerhouse it remained that way and when I logged into home I appeared in the Summerhouse (which I only purchased with my main PSN account). ;)
I have built a save for you all to try out. Please report back and let me know if it works for you. I'm interested if you have to purchase it and if you can download and install it if the Summerhouse is not on your system.


Here is a link to the file.
PS Home Summerhouse save glitch.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

First Blog ever

Well I know I'm behind the time's and figured I'd finally start a blog. Not much to say today but hopefully soon.